In the 1980s, I took a photography course at evening classes. Since my father worked for Agfa-Gevaert and as he was also a keen photographer, I was probably bitten by the bug as a child. The camera was always part of our family life. But a busy lifestyle meant that photography was put on hold for a long time.

Since my first journey to Botswana, that passion for photography has been rekindled. The beauty of the country, together with the unspoiled natural environment encouraged me to record what I saw using my camera. That was when the serious work started. New camera, new lenses, photographing in RAW, etc. So it was a real challenge.

As a member of BVNF (Photography Club with a heart and respect for nature), I acquired a lot of know-how. It is also a good experience and it is fun to receive feedback from other people about my work.

Pia Dierickx

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