When I was younger (let’s not assume these first 4 words make a granny of me…), I found it hard to choose between studying Art or English Literature to become an English teacher. I ended up being a teacher in the daylight and a photographer at night, and if it makes you think of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde : don’t fret ! I’m probably not always right in the head but I’m perfectly inoffensive (althought, my husband may try to make you think I’m not but then, if not in the head, I’m always right of course, and he’s not…).
Nature, wildlife and natural lights have always been a tremendous source of inspiration. Nature Photography opens up a world of magic and poetry and enables me to relax and escape the harsh reality. I like to learn and study about species a lot but I always let my emotions show the way… What’s more, in my opinion Photography is a wonderful tool to open people’s eyes and hearts to the beauty we tend to ignore and forget in our everyday lives. This is why most of my work, for the time being, focuses on local species and nature. To see means to learn, to learn means to respect and respect means preservation…
In January 2015, I became a Tamron (lenses) ambassador.
Myriam Dupouy
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