As a passionate nature photographer, taking pictures is a way to capture the world around me and its inhabitants. My predilection photography categories are fauna, flora and landscapes. Sharing these moments became a passion, always seeking new experiences and improving my skills.

In the first four years I was a self-taught photographer, then I followed a BTS Photography training at ETPA of Toulouse to become a professional. I then discovered the professional side of photography through studio sessions, retouching, lab and photojournalism. I learnt all about the photographer’s job but however this didn’t deflected me from my first inspiration in biodiversity.

I understood that photography could be a way to encourage awareness, a tool of expression so as to convey a message to others. In this perspective, I try to photograph the diversity of our planet and to share it with others. Revealing our wealth as well as our weaknesses.

Elise Julliard

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