My name is Inger Vandyke and I am a contributing photojournalist to Australian Geographic, Ocean Geographic, Asian Geographic and the journal of the Royal Geographical Society called Geographical.

I was the first woman in the world to work on the extremely isolated Antarctic territory of Heard Island and also the first woman in the world to photograph a full, wild snow leopard hunt.

My true passions lie in the most remote corners of the earth where I have been involved with exploration, photography and conservation at an international level. These areas have included Wrangel Island in the Russian Arctic, Heard Island in Antarctica and remote western Tibet.

I also enjoy working with indigenous people, learning more about their conservation values and how they connect with the world around them.

Globally my work is represented by Caters News Agency (UK), Alamy (United States), Whytake (UK), Oceanwide Images (Australia), Diimex (Australia) and VW Pics (Spain)


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