I was born in the South of France 44 years ago but I spent my childhood and adolescence in North Africa. There I learned to look at and to love nature: great outdoors, beautiful scenery, discovery of other cultures. From this love came the urge to want to capture some moments thanks to a gift made by my godfather: a SLR camera when I was 12. That was the beginning of a passion which continues to this day. I took some courses and read specialized literature on filters, light, and composition, while being part of a photography club. Having many other interests and passions, I also studied American culture and history (Post-graduate degree) and prehistory (PhD).
While working as a photographer as a part-time job and doing other jobs (teacher, training advisor, human resources manager), I dreamt of wild open spaces, and North America in particular, so I decided to leave and move to Canada. Once there, I created my own company, Amazing Earth Photography, specializing in photo workshops and tours, especially in North America, and became a full-time professional photographer. I now live in the South of France.
My training in photography, art history and archeology, combined with strong pedagogical and andragogical skills, as well as long practice in group management, allow me to offer genuine tours and workshops to all those looking to travel off the beaten path, in a relaxed atmosphere, with small groups. With me, people discover special places that I know well and have often photographed. I help them to develop their own vision, rather than copy my compositions. Thanks to my photographic training, I can advise them regarding landscape photos, of course, but also for animal photo, macro, architecture and portraits. My trainees bring back great shots and increase their skills in photography. They develop their ability to “see”, compose and visualize. My golden rule is that each photo tour should be a fun and rewarding experience for both the participants and the workshop leader. I see the world as so many endless opportunities for creative compositions.
I love exploring the beauty and diversity of the landscapes and the wildlife of our planet. I really enjoy being outdoors. I’m happiest when I hike or explore a slot canyon, camera in hand, capturing a fleeting light, a symphony of colors, a wolf or a bear staring at me. If I can share my passion for nature and wildlife with others, the emotions linked with the discovery of extraordinary places or with close encounters with wildlife, that is perfect.
Berengere Yar
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