Dreamer in quest of discoveries and life in accordance with a wild ideal; I’m a young photographer fascinated by Nature and fabulous landscapes. We can never have enough imagination to build this entire world. It needs something bigger, a Whole, joining an immeasurable number of details….

I’m a part-time utopian, looking for all the fragments of beauty drifting all around us. I try to feel them and translate them in my own way, going ever further in exploring this universe in which we are all, more or less living. The purity of the Elements and their unbound power always attract me. And this attraction is still growing…

At the moment, my life is revolving around a balance between isolated ‘Into the Wild’ moments, elaboration of projects, photo processing, other works and activities, … I think I can never get bored. I could be like a tightrope walker, trying to control her steps on an oscillating thread between preparation and satisfaction, (im)patience and waiting, and the tense and latent temptation of an intense life in a tent.

Ambre de L'AlPe

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