I am 26 years old and graduated 4 years ago with a degree in Zoo Biology. I have always had a firm interest in nature and conservation. I grew up in the countryside so was surrounded by wildlife, this helped fuel my creativity towards drawing and photographing wildlife.

Over the past 4 years I have worked as a wildlife tour guide and photographer. My interest in photography is being able to document wildlife in its natural environment, and show that to others who might not otherwise get the opportunity. Hopefully that will inspire them to interact with nature and spur them to conserve it for the future.

My first experience with photography was about 12 years ago with a simple electronic point-and-shoot camera, then I moved onto a bridge camera, then finally a SLR 4 years ago. Over the years I am constantly learning more about how to get technically and aesthetically pleasing photos.

My aspiration for Female Nature Photography is to support other female photographers but also to learn skills from them, and help them develop their own.


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