Bobcat, Yosemite – Dawn Wilson

At Female Nature Photography, to celebrate the month, we want to share with you some amazing news from our members, their achievements during this last month. You’ll definitely wanna check them out!

Female Nature Photographer of the Month - Dawn Wilson


Female Nature Photographer of the Month | PUBLISHING NEWS: The captivating picture of the bobcat by Dawn Wilson, won the “Female Nature Photographer of the Month” publishing opportunity in Wild Planet Photo Magazine – issue 33.

You can check it out on Wild Planet Photo Magazine website by clicking here >> 

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Stephanie Manuel home page

Stephanie Manuel: She launched her website makeover. A colourful journey exploring nature and wildlife on a tropical island. Visit her website here.


Katarzyna Gubrynowicz: She shared an interview about her journey as a nature photographer and President of the Polish Nature Photographers in the years 2013-2016. Read more here.


Krisztina Scheeff

Krisztina Scheeff : She won the 3rd place and people’s choice award for a photo exhibition at the Escondido Municipal Gallery. View her portfolio here.


Perdita Petzl: Her photography of a European ground squirrel made it into to the “Telegraph”. Discover it here.


Melissa Penta: She was published in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Calendar as the large photo for the month of August!

Free roaming bison in a field of canola, Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan.


Tracy Munson: The CBC, Canada, contacted her for permission to use her bison photo in their feature on the Tragically Hip. Find out more here. 

Rachael Talibart


Rachael Talibart: She was interviewed by Outdoor Photography magazine and the interview appears in the latest issue of the magazine.

Andrea Schmidt


Andrea Schmidt: Her Hyacinth macaws picture was published in National Geographic Brazil

Arwen Dyer 4

Arwen Dyer 1

Arwen Dyer 2


Arwen Dyer: Her Norway/Iceland adventures featured in the winter issue of the ever-inspiring Travel Play Live magazine alongside fabulous articles by the likes of Hanny Allston.



Inger Vandyke: Her story was published in Wild Magazine – Australia’s oldest and most respected adventure journal. In 2015 she became the first photographer in the world to photograph a full, wild, Snow Leopard hunt in Ladakh. Read more here.

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