From my childhood on I had a strong interest in nature. I always went out with an identification book, because I wanted to know the names of the insects and grasses I found. I loved to flip through picture books showing landscape and wildlife photography.
At Christmas 2011 I got my first dslr as a present. At the beginning I wanted to take some nice photos of my horse – and failed.
So my journey began. I learned all about the technical skills I needed by reading books or some articles on the internet. And I realized that I wanted more than just photographing horses. I remembered my childhood and how much I loved the creatures living in the woods and meadows. I gave it a try and I fell in love with macro-photography.
My macro photographs are all taken in the very early morning hours. I am always on location before sunrise, because of the beautiful morning light (and for sure because of the insects still sleeping).
In 2014, I started with landscape photography. In 2015 I made my first steps into wildlife photography.
I´m self taught and still have a lot to learn. Photography means freedom, creativity and happiness to me. I love strolling around in search of nice scenery, animals, insects or flowers. That´s what I need to be happy.

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