“I grew up in a home where there a lot of photo albums laying around. My family love to take pictures. I remembered dad and mom had a group of old pictures piled neatly in a vintage tin box. Every now and then, when my sisters and I were little, we will open the box, rummaged through the pictures and either mom or dad will tell us stories about that particular picture.

My passion for photography was nurtured when listening to those stories. I want to capture those moments, I want to tell the stories through my images.
By chance, I met this gentleman whom is a retired photography professor and had worked for Ansel Adams in his younger days. Although he mentored me a lot and had helped shaped me in who I am now but in photography, it is a never ending learning journey. He inspired me to keep learning and I hope I am able to do the same for others – to inspire and to encourage.
I love nature and it is my passion to showcase what God had given. ”


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