Alena Ebeling-Schuld is a conservation geographer and photographer based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She has photographed wildlife and nature around the world in countries including Canada, the USA, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Colombia, South Africa, and the Galápagos.

However, her biggest passions lie with the extraordinary wildlife and ecosystems of her home of British Columbia! Alena has her BSc in wildlife conservation and ecosystem interactions through the Geography and Biology departments at the University of Victoria. She strives to bring public focus to conservation issues and successes through photography, as well as inspire action in others by highlighting nature’s striking beauty, intimacy, and connections between its components (including us!).

Alena’s passion for nature and wildlife is a dominant theme in her everyday life, and she strives to find unique perspectives and solutions to current conservation issues. Creativity is a large part of her life, and she is constantly trying to combine her loves for photography, conservation and travel.


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