The Wasp and the Ground Squirrel – Perdita Petzl

At Female Nature Photography, to celebrate the month, we want to share with you some amazing news from our members, their achievements during this last month. You’ll definitely wanna check them out!

FNP Winner WP issue 26
Female Nature Photographer of the Month – Issue 26 Wild Planet Photo Magazine

Female Nature Photographer of the Month – Our 1st published image: The stunning image of Perdita Petzl  won the “Female Nature Photographer of the Month” publishing in Wild Planet Photo Magazine – issue 26. Even more happy to celebrate the fact that it’s the first published image of our fellow photographer. Check it out on Wild Planet Photo Magazine website by clicking here >> 

Ted talk Jennifer Adler

Jennifer Adler: She gave a talk at TEDxJacksonville and it discusses the powerful role of photography in connecting us to our fragile freshwater. Click here to watch >>

Kristel Auvergne book

Kristel Schender: She is part of a newly launched book “Les plus belles photographies d’Auvergne” as one of the chosen photographers presenting their personal theme. In this beautiful book, her chapter is called “Nature Figée” – Frozen Nature. The book has 165 pages and is published in both French and English. Click here to get your copy >>

Perdita Petzl: She is the Female Nature Photographer of the Month in Wild Planet Photo Magazine – Issue 26, with her wonderful picture of “The wasp and the ground squirrel”. This is her first published image and we are so proud of her, wishing her to keep sharing her amazing art. Click here and discover more >>

Arwen Dynamic Range mag

Arwen Dyer: She had an article with her photos published in the new issue of Dynamic Range magazine for Female Photography. Check the magazine here >>

Cathy Withers-Clarke: She helped the firefighters with the wildfires in her region of Africa, by supplying front line staff and saving wildlife.

Well done everyone and keep up the great work!

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    Congrats to all for amazing work and making a difference!

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