I have been a nature lover for as long as I can remember. I would flip through wildlife books while admiring the photographs and wishing that I could see these beautiful animals myself. I started dabbling in photography in 2006 when I got my first point and shoot camera; naturally, I was drawn toward nature, landscapes and my cats. In 2008, I made the move to dSLR photography.
It was then that I started photographing birds and wildlife very casually at local parks in New Jersey. I briefly moved to upstate New York where I was suddenly surrounded by nature – my love for wildlife went to a whole new level. I photographed birds in my neighborhood and eventually branched out to taking local trips to find more variety. Along the way, I also gained a passion for birds and am continually learning more about them. I now live in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and travel as much as I can to find new species and gain new experiences, behind my lens and binoculars.
My goal is to capture the beauty of the nature and wildlife that surrounds us and share it with people who do not get to see it themselves.
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