Ashleigh Scully at Ellen DeGeneres

At Female Nature Photography, to celebrate the month, we want to share with you some amazing news from our members, their achievements during this last month. You’ll definitely wanna check them out!

Ashleigh Scully with Ellen

Ashleigh Scully: “I want to help save endangered species and really make a difference… I really want to inspire girls to find something that they are passionate about”. Ashleigh participated in 2016 GAP / Ellen DeGeneres GirlPower campaign. She shared a beautiful interview by Ellen.

Watch it here >> 

2 of our members received a Next-Generation Photographers grant from The Luminous Endowment For Photographers to learn from Art Wolfe in Katmai.

Scarlet-bellied mountain tanager, Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, Peru

Gabby Salazar: Conservation and Photography – A Natural Connection ( Maryland, USA)

View her project here >>


Jennifer Adler: A lens into our fragile freshwater (Florida, USA)

View her project here >>

Kristel Scheider publication

Kristel Scheider: Her intimate landscape and close-up photography images was published in Camera Natura magazine.

Check it here >>

Beata Moore

Beata Moore: Her images from the series “The land of the Fairies” were displayed in the Barn Cafe, Elstead, Surrey, England.

Arwen Dyer inside mag

Arden Dyer: Her work was published in RACT Journeys and ”Travel Play Live” Autumn 2016. Featuring much loved Tarkine, NZ and Finders Island locations.

Rachael Talibart

Rachael Talibart: This wave picture was featured as the Opening Shot in Outdoor Photography magazine.

Ashleigh Scully Audubon

Ashleigh Scully: Her brilliant picture of the Great Gray Owlet taken outside of Jackson Hole made it to the Audubon 2016 Photography Competition’s Top 100.

Discover more amazing images here >>

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