Keith Wilson

Ok, I’m not female, but in a sense that doesn’t matter, because I’m all in favour of a group of like-minded photographers forming a community to promote and support each other’s work. Female Nature Photography is one such group and its emergence reflects the growing participation of women in nature photography – something that has been heavily male-dominated for too many years. Female Nature Photography will encourage and nurture the often unique and refreshing perspective of the natural world as seen by women photographers. It promises to be an incredibly influential group, not just for women, but for the entire nature photography community.

Founder & Editor of Wild Planet Photo Magazine

Keith Wilson - London, UK

Gabby Salazar

One of the best things about being a nature photographer is the wonderful community of people that you meet. I love the idea of the Female Nature Photography project because it brings together amazing female nature photographers from around the world to share with each other and to support each other!



Conservation photographer, naturalist and explorer represented by National Geographic Creative. Member of the Emerging League of the International League of Conservation Photographers 

Gabby Salazar - USA